Mommy & Me Preschool

One of the things I am doing with Snowflake is a Mommy & Me Preschool class. It meets once a week for just over an hour. It is the perfect addition to our homeschool preschool this year. He has the opportunity to be with other kids, learn how to sit and listen to his teacher, take turns, and all those things kids learn by being in a group. It is offered through our local parks & rec office and very affordable. Today was his first day (of the new session, we did the spring and summer sessions earlier this year). He did so good and it was fun to see the maturity that happened over the summer. Even his teacher commented on his progress. I’m excited to see how he does through the next 12 weeks and so grateful for this opportunity that compliments our homeschool preschool so well. 

He was very happy to see his teacher this morning.


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