September Round-up

Our first month of homeschool preschool is over. I was prepared for some huge challenges, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were challenges, for sure, but not near as hard as I expected. 

Calendar time was a big favorite. He loved having control of the pointer and has been engaged each morning.

During calendar time we go over the calendar, weather, numbers, counting, patterns, letters, and our address.

 Immediately following calendar time, we go and make the learning choices for the day. Again, he gets to use the pointer, so he likes this part, too. We have had 6 days of school so far (2 days/week) and we got through almost all the learning activities. Eventually I’d like to get through them all in a 2 week (4-6 day) span, but we are easing in. Here’s what the choice chart looks like now: 

This choice chart is what has made all the difference in our actual learning time. He loves feeling in control and getting to decide what to do each day and in what order. 

After his choices are made, we go up to the library. Sometimes we can get through everything in 30 minutes, other days it takes an hour. It all depends on his level of cooperation. If he’s being highly uncooperative, we will either take a break or switch up the location. We’ve done school in the library, outside and in his bedroom, so far… It doesn’t matter to me where we do it as long as he’s cooperative and engaged. My broken record line during his uncooperative times is, “if you want to ______ then we need to finish this first.” Sometimes it works right away. Other times I need to repeat myself over and over. 

Proud of his tall tower.

Trail Mix n Match outside under a tree.

First self-portrait

We have also completed 3 weeks of mommy and me preschool through our parks and rec program. He’s done well overall, though we have had some bumps, and it’s fun to see how far he’s come even since May (when we finished the first session). Here are a couple of projects he’s completed in that class: 

Overall, things are going really well and it’s become quite clear that this is the right choice for him. I’m excited to see how far he comes as the year progresses. 


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