Humorous Challenges

We are now over a month and a half into homeschooling. Overall, it’s still going well but it hasn’t been without its struggles. I’m happy to say that these challenges were expected; however, it often takes more time and patience than I sometimes have to get through them. Most of the struggles are in regards to Snowflake’s desire to be in control and his big imagination. I know he’s going to do great things with his determination, vision, and imagination one day but some days it’s hard to remember because it’s so frustrating. Here’s a few snippets of conversations we’ve had recently: 

Mommy: it’s time to do school.
Snowflake: we can’t. School closed. 
Mommy: can you open it?
Snowflake: no, it’s locked. 
Mommy: can you unlock it? 
Snowflake: keys are lost. 
Mommy: can you find them? 
Snowflake: {sigh} I guess. (He found the keys–his fingers, and proceeded to try each one to unlock “the school”. Then he had to clean the school and I had to wait in line. This was a minor inconvenience that eventually was solved but it took an extra 15 minutes to get our school time started.) 
Many days he’s “too tired” and I have to convince him that getting school done sooner is in his favor. He can’t play toys or watch a show until it’s done, once we’ve started. Other days he is just plain stubborn and refuses to try. This morning he sat in the corner for a good 5 minutes just because. Once he makes up his mind to do it and apply himself, we typically breeze right through.

Mommy: can you count the owls? 
Snowflake: just too many (there was one….😂)

“Stop the talking noise, maa! I relaxing. No school today.” 

Mommy: can you put 3 cows in the barn? 
Snowflake: no, pigs want to roll in the mud (proceeds to roll pigs in mud). 
Mommy: I need you to put 3 cows in the barn. There’s a storm coming and they need to be safe.
Snowflake: no storm coming, it sunny. Pigs want to roll in the mud. 
Mommy: (changing tactic) can you put the green pig and yellow pig in the mud? 
Snowflake: no, only red pig and blue pig can roll in the mud….. 

So yes, we’ve had some challenges. While frustrating in the moment, most days I can laugh about them by the time my husband gets home. It’s nothing that I wasn’t expecting and as with almost anything, we’ll have good days and bad days. We’ve managed to find a good rhythm and routine and it’s working well for our family. He’s definitely learning and that the important thing. And while he’s learning his letters and numbers, I’m learning that I need more patience, time, and to remember to eat a snack before we start. 😉


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