So much for my more frequent posts to introduce our curriculum… 🙄 In my defense, I’m now working a part-time job from home that’s taking up what little free-time I had. I’m loving it but it leaves little time for anything else. Hopefully, I’ll get through talking about this year’s curriculum before the school year is over. 😉 I’ve got time as we are going to be schooling year-round for the next couple of years. I’ve noticed that anytime eve had a break of a week or more, Snowflake loses a lot of what he’s learned. Since we are currently only “doing school” 2-3 mornings a week for 30-60 minutes, we’ll easily be able to keep this schedule through the summer. 

On to math… One of Snowflake’s favorite subjects. He can count to 20, identify numbers to 10, create AB and ABC patterns, identifies all shapes and colors, and understands many position words. We are currently working on counting higher than 20, skip counting by 2s, identifying numbers higher than 10, creating other patterns, and anything else he shows interest in. Below are some of the activities that help him learn math concepts: 

Melissa and Doug clock: teaches numbers, shapes, and how to tell time. (Right now we are working on understanding the difference between the short hand and the long hand.)

Number Cookie Cutters: in addition to helping develop fine motor skills, we use these cookie cutters for math (and language arts). We cut out numbers, create double digit numbers, sequence numbers and eventually, we will move to doing simple addition and subtraction problems with play dough numbers. 

Melissa and Doug Bead Sequencing Set: this helps with following and creating patterns.


Melissa and Doug Shapes and Number Beads: another activity to help with patterns and numbers. 

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Pattern Blocks: helps identify shapes, position words, and spatial awareness. 

Montessori Number Work (timberdoodle) and Hape Wooden Numbers: we use these to practice number recognition, sequencing, tracing, counting… 

Farmland Math: covers all math skills in a 36 week guided outline. (I thought this would be a favorite but we both loathe it…we do try to do it a couple times a month…)

Homemade Velcro Popsicle Stick Shapes: a Pinterest idea. 😉 He loves creating and naming different shapes. 

Trail Mix and Match: (timberdoodle) patterns, sorting, following directions… 

Finally, every day we start with calendar time: we cover everything from counting to days/months, identifying numbers, and writing numbers. 

So that’s our math curriculum for 3 year old preschool, in a nutshell. I’m happy with how he’s progressing and look forward to watching him continue to learn and grow. 😊


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