Spring Time Update 

We are chipping away at the materials for preschool. Some days I don’t think he’s learning anything (today was one of those days), then all of a sudden he amazes me with what he knows (this happened yesterday). We will be continuing our 2+ morning a week school schedule through the summer. He lost a lot during our 2 week vacation and it took him almost a month to catch back up. He doesn’t know any different and it adds structure to our week, while still being flexible, so we will continue on. 

I’ve decided on the curriculum for the fall and I’m excited to dig in and start planning. I’m taking on a bit more of that planning role this coming year vs the mostly pre-planned curriculum we used this year. Soon I’ll give a tour of our new stuff but for now, here’s a look at some of the things we are currently doing. 

As I said above, yesterday he surprised me. After doing a letter identification activity, I decided to try a phonics activity. I put 5 letters in front of him and asked him to point to the one that made the “p-p-p sound as in pig”. He got it correct! I took the p out and replaced it with another letter. We did this for 10 letters (p, c, a, b, j, l, m, t, s, & x). He got 9/10 right!! (The only one he got wrong was x, which is a hard one. He pointed to s…so in a way he got that one right, too.) I’m now even more confident the reading curriculum I chose for next year is going to be the right fit. 

Here are some other things we are working on: 

Easter Egg upper/lower case letter match.

Day & Night Thinking puzzle (our first outside school time in 2017)

Wedgits Thinking puzzle (I following ‘structions!)

Learn and draw animals using finger tip crayons

Lowercase Alphabet search with do a dot markers

Do a dot letters

Kumon cutting skills (for as hard as it is for him to write, his cutting skills are not lacking!)

We also have a new addition to our homeschool room for the next 3ish weeks. Stay tuned for our butterfly adventures! 


Critical Thinking 

One of the unique parts of the timberdoodle curriculum is the emphasis on critical thinking skills. Almost all of these activities are hands-on, which we love. Some of them were too hard in the beginning of the year but now he’s amazing me with his ability to master them. 

Farmland Math: (timberdoodle) in addition to teaching basic math skills, this activity is also helping little ones learn critical thinking skills. 

Day and Night: this fun “3D puzzle” includes 24 cards with pictures and silhouettes to copy. The cards increase in difficulty and are a fun way to work on critical thinking. 

Bunny Peek-a-Boo: this is our FAVORITE activity. From the timberdoodle website: “Bunny Peek-a-Boo is a delightful brain game for your two- and three-year-olds. As they arrange the large, sturdy wooden blocks and lovable bunny to match the cards, they will develop the critically necessary skill of 3-D spatial perception, important for reading and mathematical reasoning.” This is one he could not do at the beginning of the year, but he’s rockin’ it now! 

Wedgits: Another favorite. Teaches spatial perception, vertical vs horizontal positioning, order, and patterning. Each day we do this, he does 1 or 2 designs on the cards and then makes up one of his own. Such a fun way to learn and improve critical thinking skills. 

Building Thinking Skills: a colorful and fun book that helps progressively develop thinking skills. Not a favorite but necessary. 

Floor Puzzles: I include these in critical thinking because they require the same skills as the other activities in this category–planning, visual perception, etc… We have several floor puzzles.