Science and Social Studies

These subjects are Snowflake’s favorite. Partly because they are at least 90% hands-on and active. But even more because he loves learning how things work. What better way to learn than through experiments? 

We’ll be doing lots of experiments this year. We have a science kit that he asks to play with at least once a week. This year we will actually do the experiments suggested, as well as others I find on Pinterest. The color tabs are a great addition and he loves to mix them to make black. 🙄 lol

Our social studies will focus on history, geography, jobs people do, and feelings/emotions. He loves to find places on maps and he’s set on traveling to California to be a cowboy when he grows up (ha!). I’m going to use this to my advantage and we are going to map out his routes, talk about, and research landmarks he’ll see along the way. 😉

Snowflake loves Richard Scarry books so this book, What Do People Do All Day, should be a big hit. I found out about the feeling cards from Timberdoodle, the curriculum company we used last year. I purchased them from Amazon. Finally, to round out our Social Studies curriculum, I picked up the history sticker book from Barnes and Noble. 

In addition to the above, I’m looking at doing a study of habitats using Disney and other children’s movies and usborne books as the foundation. I’m not sure when we’ll start this but it will probably be sometime after Christmas. 

Finally, as part of Snowflake’s social studies curriculum, we will be talking A LOT about how to take care of a puppy. We may or may not be getting an addition to our family this school year. Stay tuned and SHHHH…. (He doesn’t know!) 😉


Solar Eclipse 

Today the big topic of conversation was the total solar eclipse. While we don’t live in an area that saw the total eclipse, we got about 80% coverage. 

This morning we made an eclipse “puppet” and watched a cartoon video on YouTube. Snowflake was extremely interested and understood much more than I expected. He did a puppet show for me explaining what would happen. And while we were out today, he had his puppet and told everyone, “The moon is going to block the sun and it’s going to be dark.” 

This afternoon, during the actual event, we happened to be at therapy. A fellow therapy mom was prepared with glasses for all of us to use. And the therapists brought the kids outside to see it. Snowflake was so excited. He exclaimed, “oh my child; that is cool!” (I’m known to say, “oh my dear child” and he’s picked it up. Lol.) While it didn’t get dark like some had predicted, it was pretty cool to see. Snowflake later said it looked like a rainbow (shape). 

Not a great picture but it is my own.


In April and May, we had some visitors in our homeschool room. We grew caterpillars and watched them turn into painted lady butterflies. It was such a fun experience for all of us. Even my husband and I asked “how” at several points during the process. How do they know to hang upside down? How do they form the chrysalis? How do they grow wings? How…. Some questions only God can answer. 

Snowflake was very invested through the whole process. We thought he would be upset when it was time to let them go but he said he was happy for them. 

Day 1: April 22

Day 3: April 24

Day 6: April 27

Day 8: April 29

Day 9: April 30

Day 10: May 1

Day 12: May 3

Day 19: May 10

Day 21: May 12

Day 24: May 15

Day 25: May 16

It was a great experience and we are looking forward to growing other insects. Also available are praying mantis, lady bugs, and ant farms. For those interested, we got our kit here

Science and Social Studies

These subject areas are probably Snowflake’s favorite. I love how fun timberdoodle makes learning. Each day we do school (2-3 days a week; 45-90 minutes/day) Snowflake gets to choose an activity from each subject area. These are lumped together and he unfailingly tries to pick more than one activity. I have to say, I don’t blame him! 

Primary Science Kit and H2O Lala Tablets: these are by far the favorite. There are some simple science experiments included, more on Pinterest, but mostly he just plays and mixes colors. 

My Very First Castles Book (Timberdoodle), How Children Lived, and Castle Blocks: How Children Lived and Castle Blocks were things I had from when I had my daycare. They make a great addition to the timberdoodle castles book. 

Map Work (Timberdoodle), My First AtlasUS and World Maps: Snowflake loves maps. Every week we try to find new states or countries and learn a little bit about them. 

Board Games: we do these as part of our curriculum because it’s a lot of work for Snowglake to learn how to play and take turns. I lumped these in with the social studies because they fit with sharing and learning how to win/lose. Eventually we’ll pull these out of our school time and play as a family but he’s not quite there yet. 😉

Big Book of Things to Spot (Timberdoodle): I wasn’t sure where to put this either. It’s basically a big book of where’s Waldo but every page is different. It covers different seasons, climates, cultures, etc… We do 3-4 scenes a week.