We are starting a new journey into homeschooling. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you will have seen that I have a passion for teaching and watching kids learn, especially my own child. So this isn’t really a new journey since I’ve been intentionally teaching him all along; however, we are going to be a bit more structured and intentional from here on.

The decision to homeschool was not made lightly. We had many discussions and prayers about Snowflake’s education before making this decision. And just because we’ve decided to homeschool for now does not automatically mean we will continue for the duration of Snowflake’s academic career. We will re-evaluate as needed, keeping his best interests and those of our family in mind.

That said, I am excited about this year. In the next few posts, I will talk about the curriculum I have decided on for this year, our weekly schedule, and daily routine. In the beginning, as we get started, I will probably post several times but ultimately my goal will be to post twice a month. This blog will be more for my records but I am inviting you to follow along. I hope you enjoy reading along as I continue the journey of Teaching a Snowflake.